AdEdge Water Technologies

Integrated Treatment solutions for ion exchange, oxidation filtration, absorption, reverse osmosis, membrane systems, skid mount and modular systems. Contaminants treated: arsenic,  iron & manganese, fluoride, uranium, hydrogen sulphide, nitrates, radium, turbidity.  WaterPOD modular containerized systems, fully integrated, pre-wired, package systems that combine system performance with economy resulting in an ideal solution for sites where space, costs, and schedules are critical. 

A Division of McNish Corporation

Concentric (clarifier / flocculator drives) motor driven and non-motor driven rotary distributors for trickling filters.  Circular clarifiers for water and waste water, all types of collector systems.  Thickeners, flocculators, horizontal and vertical paddle type, grit removal systems, aerated and non – aerated. Extreme duty rectangular collectors and cross collectors with DuraMax cast stainless steel chain products. DuraMax
Extreme duty bar screens. Scum skimmers, telescoping valves.

ASI American Structures, Inc. 

Bolted Stainless Steel Tanks (expandable, recyclable, environmentally friendly).  Roofs and Domes, design & support, erection, welding, and a full service fabrication shop. Tanks for Commercial, Agricultural, Municipal, Waste, and Power Industries.  Complete service and support for any and all of your tanks needs.

Rhino Industrial Solutions: Rhino lining formulations are thick elastomeric linings designed for long life under extreme environmental conditions.  The Rhino lining solutions are 100% solids, VOC free and can be sprayed or cast onto virtually any substrate, including steel, concrete, wood, fiberglass, metals and geotextiles.  All formulations are tack free within seconds and are fully cure in 24 hours under most conditions.  Rhino linings shield against corrosion, chemicals, bacteria, hydrogen sulphide, abrasion and skidding.  Rhino linings are also available with an NSF 61 certification  for potable water applications.  ASI American Structures Inc.  provides Rhino lining products and services. 

Headtank aerators, natural draft and forced draft.
Claricone clarifiers providing solids contact clarification for lime softening, turbidity and color removal, iron removal, arsenic removal, radium removal, and phosphorus removal. Helicarb for CO2 ph adjustment. Decelerating Flow Filters for efficient filtration and backwash water savings. FiltraCone modular water treatment plants. Egg shaped digesters. High pressure, low pressure, dry seal and wet seal gas storage.

FilterOne USA LLC

Specializing in manufacturing , repair service, retrofits, rebuilds. Manufacturing the F-1 InFloMax continuous bar screen, F-1 shaftless conveyor washer compactor.
F-1 shaftless conveyor, F-1 compactor, F-1 grit concentrator.  Offering installation, maintenance, and turnkey assistance, refurbishments and service contracts for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment equipment. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced.  Hundreds of successful projects throughout the U.S.

Five Star Filtration LLC

Continuous upflow sand filtration for water and wastewater. Fixed disc filter with rotating backwash assembly for continuous filtration. Ability to ISOLATE each disk
independently for continuous filtration. Innovative continuous filtration systems for water and waste-water. Municipal and Industrial applications.

Complete aeration systems enhanced oxygen transfer, reduced maintenance costs Flexcap course bubble diffusers known to last over 20 years.  Side Car aeration for RBC facilities, Blowers, custom design, and retrofit aeration systems.  Providing proven and reliable systems and complete owner support.

Orthos Liquid Systems 

Filter nozzles, strainers, monolithic underdrain systems and accessories for all of your filter needs.  Orthos Liquid Systems offers a full range of filter nozzles, strainers, and accessories that can accommodate any filter nozzle underdrain design.  Whether it is for a flase plate filter bottom, header/lateral or monolithic filter underdrain system, Orthos Liquid Systems has a solution for any and all your filter needs.

Parker Hannifin Corporation 

The Parker THM analyzer is an easy to operate, integrated Purge-and-Trap Gas Chromatograph that measures THM concentration at ppb levels in less than 30 minutes right at your own facility without tedious sample preparation.  A THM analysis can be ran onsite on any sample gathered at the treatment plant or from anywhere in your distribution system.

Eco-friendly solutions for your ph control. Precise ph control. CO2 storage tanks and vaporizer. Basin injection and pipeline injection systems. Pressurized Solution Feed Systems “PSF” for maximizing the solubility of CO2 gas, converting it to carbonic acid for extreme efficiency.

Aquaflo Technologies Inc. Serving the Water and Waste Water Industry with honesty,integrity, and credibility since 1989